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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Welcome to the website of Basic Pharma! We appreciate your interest in our company. Since we highly value your privacy, we consider it important to inform you about our process of handling personal data.

This privacy statement is written to inform applicants about the way Basic Pharma collects and processes personal information and is applicable to all recruitment activities at Basic Pharma

Basic Pharma processes this personal information in strict compliance with the applicable GDPR regulations.

Why we need your information
Personal information obtained by Basic Pharma is used to assess whether or not the applicant is suitable for a position within the company. To guarantee a fair and concise selection process, the applicant’s profile is compared with the job posting(s) and associated qualifications. In case the profile fits the job offered the applicant is considered a potential candidate for the function and could be invited for a job interview.

In case the applicant’s profile does not (fully) fit the function profile, the applicant might be considered as a candidate for a different function within the company. To be able to assess that, personal information such as a resume might be shared between Basic Pharma’s departments.

If the candidate is hired, obtained personal information is used to compile a contract, for additional administrative goals and for introducing the new employee to his or her colleagues.

Personal information as mentioned above might be a resume, an application letter or similar and any information given during either a telephone or face to face interview. Also, Basic Pharma might research publically accessible resources (e.g. a LinkedIn account) to gather information. 

What information is processed?
Basic Pharma processes information relevant to the recruitment process. This encompasses information obtained from the applicant, such as contact information, social security number, gender and date of birth and possibly a picture. Things that can also be of relevance are education, courses and an overview of former positions in other companies. If applicable for the position, a certificate of conduct might be requested. If a (psychological) assessment is needed, relevant data might be shared with an (external) institute performing that assessment. Basic Pharma holds a non-disclosure contract with such companies.

Retaining information
Basic Pharma retains applicant’s information during the recruitment procedure. The data is destroyed at most 4 weeks after the procedure is concluded unless there is a written agreement from the applicant, in which case the data is retained for one year- this agreement can be withdrawn at any time by the applicant by sending a message indicating the withdrawal to

Rights of the applicant
The applicant has the right to monitor the processing of his or her data. A request can be sent to

Based on such a request the applicant can ask to adjust, add to, delete or protect (parts of) the data, for example when these are incorrect. Any complaints regarding the process or the use of your private data can be shared with the official governmental body.

For any questions regarding the privacy statement, Basic Pharma’s recruitment process or the manner in which basic Pharma handles and processes your personal data, please contact

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